Decorative Garage Door Hinge and Handle Set (6 pcs)

Quantity : 1set
Looking to add some character to your home? Decorating on a budget? Then this unique Decorative Garage Hinge and Handle Set is perfect for you!

4x Hinges, 2x Handles.

MAGNETIC DOOR HARDWARE: Decorative Hinges & Handles have heavy duty magnets on the back.
HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE:Reinforced Plastic is used for our magnetic hardware, UV & weather resistant, made to last and not crack under the cold, heat, water, no color fading issue.
EASY & QUICK INSTALL: Strong magnets inserted, really easy to install, remove, relocating, No screws, drilling holes, or residue left behind. No worry of garage door damage voids the warranty. TIPS: Keep 1 inch clearance of the garage door frame to avoid obstruction of the attached handles.
Easy Installation:
Decorative garage door hardware is easy to install in metal door, wooden door and plastic door, it is the screws mounted hardware, you just need the screwdriver to tighten the steel nail into the door.
New style decorative garage door hardwarekit add so much more character and beauty to the garage door; decorative garage handle is very convenient for you to open your garage door.
Package Included:4x Hinges, 2x Handles(1set=6pcs)