Anti-Wrinkle Reusable Silicone Patches

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Type : 16Pcs in a Kit (For Detail Face)

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Take advantage of the amazing benefits of reusable silicone patches to stay youthful and fresh even as you age!

Anti-Wrinkle Patches is an award-winning patch that can be used by anyone and anywhere.

This patch is for skin care hydration, skin tightening, and fading fine lines.

If you're worried about a specific type of fine lines, don't worry, we're here to help!!!


I'm almost 30 now and I started to feel more and more insecure about the wrinkles on my forehead. I am still relatively young, but these wrinkles not only give away my age, they also make me look a lot older than my real age. I even feel like I am sometimes disadvantaged at work because of my look (more assignments for younger girls). 

I considered botox to reduce the wrinkles, but I was afraid of the procedure and the long-term effects. These pads seemed worth trying, due to the good results I saw online. And wow! I am so happy that this has tremendously reduced the wrinkles on my forehead!!! It works so incredibly well and has given me wonderful results! I feel young and confident again and even the people around me say that I am looking radiant and healthy again!


I have always been very insecure about my skin, my skin deteriorated quickly due to years of smoking and sun damage. I have tried everything from expensive ointments to products available at the drugstore. Some products just gave me extra problems, like breakouts or rashes.

I recently came across this product in an advertisement. Because a friend of mine was also using this product and she had great results, I gave it a chance. After a couple of uses, I really noticed a big difference! My skin looks better, tighter, and younger. 
I am very happy with my choice to use these pads and I want to thank the Plumpin Patches for this! This picture is the result of 4 weeks of using the pads daily. I'm really happy with the results and I feel much better about my appearance!

🏆 In Injection Free Anti-Wrinkle Technology

Achieve Youthful Appearance While You Sleep! 

Designed to fit all fascial shapes, our reusable silicone patches are reusable and rejuvenating, providing your skin with the moisture it needs while still keeping it intact and firm, so you always look your best. There are no invasive and painful injections required.

Trusted By 100,000 + Happy Customers: Soft and comfortable Non-Chemical adhesives, non-invasive and completely safe for all skin types 

Guaranteed and proven, our revolutionary patches are offering sensational results. 

Hydrating, Firming Skin, And Lightening Fine Lines

  • Reusable Silicone Patches can be used during the night or any time of day for at least 1 hour.
  • They can be reused on different body parts.
  • Use the patches regularly to achieve a noticeable effect that lasts for years.
  • We strongly recommend purchasing 2 or more packages to enhance the effectiveness in the long term.


  • Reusable Silicone Patches are so safe they fit all shapes, sizes, skin types, and ages.
  • They are durable and adhesive, ideal for any time of day, whether you're resting or on the go. 

Benefits Of The Reusable Silicone Patches:

✅ Reusable

✅ Enjoy Great Value With an 11/16 Piece Pack

✅ Achieve a Youthful Appearance

✅ Firming skin

✅ Safe To Use On All Skin Types


  • Wrinkled, Dry Skin - As we age, our skin naturally begins slowing down the production of collagen (which is what keeps our skin looking youthful in the first place!)
  • Rejuvenated Skin - Say hello to your new smoother, brighter, and healthier-looking skin! 


  • STEP 1: Clean and dry your skin before use, as excess moisture can cause the patches to slip.
  • STEP 2: Carefully remove the patch from the included sheet and place it in the desired area. Use it for at least a few hours to see the full benefits.
  • STEP 3: After applying the patch, gently press to smooth any air bubbles that may form.
  • STEP 4: After use, simply rinse with cold water, let it dry, and place it back in the included sheet.

Product specifications: 195*148mm
Thickness: 1.8mm
Weight: 39g

Size:16 pieces 160*200*1.8mm ;  11 pieces: 180*230*5.6mm


What’s Included(1 kit):

  • 11Pcs / 16Pcs Anti-Wrinkle Silicon Patches