Auto Strut Removal Tool

Style : Buy 1 get 1 free
Size : 50mm

Took the struts out of the steering knuckles within seconds with the help of this tool. Easier to use when the knuckle and strut are removed from the car.


Tool for Remove Strut

It is quick and easy to remove and replace the strut unit in the front axle using this socket when replacing the struts or shocks. and very easy to knock it out of the spread position, making removal suspension strut much easier.

Easy To Use

With this spreader, it slides easily into place and effortlessly holds the knuckle apart so you can remove the old strut and pop the new one right in immediately without any struggle. use 1/2" ratchet connect spreader socket.

Not Damage Axle

No need to ever violent sledgehammer away at the knuckle if you have this tool, eliminating any potential damage to the steering knuckle.

Low Profile

Most strut socket tools are difficult to use due to their length. The strut spreader tool was designed to be as low profile as possible, allowing it to fit in tight spaces, thus making your job much easier.

Superior Design

Audi and VW spindle housings may require a significant torque to spread apart. The strut removal tool features an oval-shaped head. This design makes it easier to rotate the strut tool in the strut channel.

High Quality

Crafted from hardened S2 tool steel, a material used in premium tools and known for its extreme toughness, this spreader socket will not yield under high torque applications.


The strut spreader is designed to fit any vehicle equipped with a pinch bolt style hub which is commonly found on Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, MINI, Ford vehicles. Some compatible models include the Golf GTI, Jetta, Passat, A3, 3 series, Focus.

To make the work easier, lubricate the tip of the tool. It will reduce friction and be easier to twist into place.