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Color : Blue
  • 😻 【AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC CAT TOYS】Keep unpredictable state, make your cat very excited. When it hits walls, furniture or other obstacles, reset automatically after rollover. The electric cat toy runs irregularly and can increase your cat’s exercise with multiple tracks.

  • 😻 【EASY TO USE TOYS FOR CATS】There is no need to replace the battery with USB charging, and the battery life is long-lasting on a single charge, eliminating the hassle of battery replacement. The wheels are removable and can be easily taken out if they become entangled in fur. The two cat feather wand can be replaced at will, which is very convenient.

  • 😻 【TWO MODES ARE EASY TO CONTROL】In manual mode, there is a remote control distance of 15 meters to 20 meters. You can easily tease your cat while lying on the sofa and moving your fingers. In automatic mode, the front of the car has an infrared sensing function, so it will not hit the surrounding walls. In smart mode, it will be on standby after five minutes of inactivity. It will restart after being touched by a cat, and it will automatically start up if it rolls over.

  • 😻 【GEAR SWITCH】Short press the switch key: start/stop the sports car - switching mode: in the starting state, press and hold the switch key for 3 seconds - normal mode: (the green indicator light stays on for three seconds), it will automatically turn off after running for five minutes - intelligent mode: (The blue indicator light stays on for 3 seconds), it enters standby mode after running for 5 minutes, and can be activated by tapping.Note: Shut down and switch back to normal mode first

  • 😻 【AFTER-SALES GUARANTEE & SERVICE】 We pay attention to the product experience, according to statistics, not every cat will like it, young, curious or active cats will be more excited about this toy,If you have any questions during use, you could contact us at any time, and we will definitely provide you with a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.

Size Chart:

Car: 7.4cmx6.4cmx4.4cm/2.91inchx2.52inchx1.73inch
Remote control: 4.1cmx1.6cmx11.5cm/1.61inchx0.63inchx4.53inch