Pet molar cleaning brush dog toy dog

Color : Lake blue

Type: Dog

Material: Rubber

Toy type: chew toy

Suitable for: Chihuahuas, Pugs, French Bulldogs,

Dog toothbrush upgrade: The newly developed cleaning channel and three-dimensional zigzag molars ensure a more effective cleaning of pet teeth and improve the effect of molars. The dog bite toothbrush is suitable for large, medium and small dog breeds.

Fixed design: The toothbrush can suck vertically and horizontally to give pets resistance to tension. Your cute dog will be more interested in the new dog toothbrush and will be happy to chew it. Let your dog brush instead of being forced to brush.

360-degree cleaning: There are bristles on the top four sides of the dog toothbrush set. You can push dog toothpaste upwards, and the toothpaste will flow out of the environment, allowing pets to clean their teeth thoroughly.

Healthy and fresh: The dog toothbrush can clean the dog's teeth during the bite process, and the teeth are soft enough not to damage the dog's gums. It can help them brush their teeth, remove plaque and hard-to-reach tartar, tartar, etc., so that you can enjoy a happy time with your cute dog.