Embroidery Accessories Diamond Painting Tools

Amount : One group

Create diamond projects or jewelry with this Diamond Embroidery Painting Tools!

This pen easily picks up and releases rhinestones, beads, gemstones, and other 3D decorative staff for an accurate and faster diamond art project by just pressing the button. It allows you to create various nail art styles and also suitable for DIY mobile phone shells, shoes, clothes, guitars, tablets, scrapbooks, and other diamond artworks!? You can now achieve? the perfectly rhinestone accessories or artwork with this Rhinestone Picker Dotting Pen!


    • EASY PICKING AND DOTTING. This picks up and releases lovely diamond for your nails or artworks with ease. It's just like writing with a gel pen!

    • INCLUDES CRYSTALS. This comes with 2,400 crystals that you can use to start yourself off with your designs with a variety of sizes and colors.

    • EASY TO USE. No need to individually pick-up the tiny charming diamond, it can dispense them carefully one by just pressing the button.
    • WIDE APPLICATION. You will be able to use this applicator to add crystals or rhinestones to your fingernails or toenails easily and even apply it to other artworks.
    • Sparkling material of the diamond:?ÿAcrylic


    • 1 x Embroidery Accessories Diamond Painting Pen
    • 2000 x Diamonds