Diamond Tile Cutter Blades

Quantity : 1PC


Install the DIAMOND Tile Cutter blade into your jigsaw like any other jigsaw blade.

Before working the ceramic tile, soak it completely for approx. 4-5 minutes in water (this will extend the bit’s durability and helps reduce harmful dust)

Place the water soaked tile on two strips of wood (to allow Diamond Tile Cutter blade to operate freely) with finished side facing downward and drill a hole with at least Ø 3/16 (4mm) drill bit into the tile inside your cutting line. You want to drill the hole in the section that is to be cut out.

Insert tile cutter in hole and cut (milling) out designated shape by carefully pressing jigsaw guide wheel [moderate pressure or risk of breaking Diamond Tile Cutter] forward against the uncoated side of the bit. Near high speed or high speed should work best.


For cutting hard materials, including porcelain and ceramic tile

Heat treated alloy steel backer for superior strength

High quality durable diamonds for a thinner cut

Diamonds are attached with a high quality brazing technology to ensure they don't come off

Strong and easy to control blade for fast cutting

Easy to clean by rinsing with hose or in clean water after each use