Digital Display Angle Ruler

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Style : Plastic

2-in-1 precision ruler & digital angle finder with moving blade can calculate internal and external angles and measures length quickly and accurately (metric and imperial scale).

Well used into various fields Angle Ruler, Straight Ruler and Square Ruler.Plus it has stable locking function that lock measurement at any angle.

Useful to applications such as automobile, tools, constructions, boating, woodworking and machining.


These are great for a DIYer who needs to measure the inside and outside corners of their home. No home has a true 90-degree corner, and these are perfect for finding the true angles. Couple this with a digital angle finder for your saw and you'll have perfect miters every time!                                                                                                                        --CJ McFalls



  • 【2 in 1 Angle Finder Ruler】 [二合一测角尺]Combination of ruler and protractor, you can measure length and angle. This angle measurement tool is a great gift for architect engineer woodworker carpenter 尺与量角器结合,可测量长度和角度。这个角度测量工具是一个伟大的礼物,建筑师工程师木工木匠

  • 【Premium ABS Digital Protractor】 [高级 ABS 数字量角器]The ABS material is lightweight, hard and durable. Laser-etched measurements offer clear reading, the digital LCD display is easy to read and prevents guesswork ABS 材料重量轻,坚硬耐用。激光蚀刻测量提供了清晰的读数,数字液晶显示器很容易阅读和防止猜测

  • 【High Accuracy】 [高精度]The accuracy of this angle finder is ± 0.3 degrees. Resolution 0.1°,measuring range: 0-999.9°, folded length: 8 inch / 200mm, total length: 15 inch / 400mm 这个测角仪的准确度是 ± 0.3度。分辨率0.1 ° ,测量范围: 0-999.9 ° ,折叠长度: 8英寸/200毫米,总长度: 15英寸/400毫米

  • 【Hold data & Invert Reading】 [保存数据 & 反向阅读]You can save data during the measurement by pressing "HOLD / Rev" ; The display can be inverted reading by long pressing "HOLD / Rev" 测量过程中按“ HOLD/Rev”可以保存数据,长按“ HOLD/Rev”可以反读显示

  • 【Wide Application】 [广泛应用]The Protractor can be used to Construction, Drafting, Woodworking, Masonry, Machinery, Decoration, Home Furnishings and related work for measuring marking 该量角器可用于建筑,绘图,木工,砌筑,机械,装饰,家居及相关工作的测量标记

Specifications 规格:
  • Resolution: 0.05°/3'. 分辨率: 0.05 °/3’
  • Measuring range: 360 ° full angle measurement. 测量范围: 360 ° 全角度测量
  • Accuracy: 0.3°. 准确度: 0.3 °
  • Repeatability: 0.1°. 重复性: 0.1 °
  • Button function: switch/clear, data retention, degree/degree unit conversion. 按钮功能: 切换/清除,数据保持,度/度单位转换
  • Battery: CR2032 3V lithium battery ( Included). 电池: CR20323V 锂电池(含)