Dogs Cat Storage Tin Cap Lid Seal Cover Silicone

Color : green
Pieces : 1pc

Dogs Cat Storage Tin Cap Lid Seal Cover Silicone Canned Lid Sealed Feeder Food Can Reusable Portable Cover Lid Health Pet Supply


Order Remarks: can cover + shovel

Product size:

Silica gel cover with 3 layers of card slot 8.9cm/7.3cm/6.5cm 15g

Shovel: 14*3.5cm 5g

Material: Silica gel



1.Double head design, delicious without: a scrape, can be dug, can also feed canned spoon.

2.Multi-loop slot inverted without leakage: embedded seal design isolation air absorption good package difficult to leak.

3.Streamlined handle delivers nutritious delicious: streamline handle design length moderate holding comfortable.

4.Considerate design easy opening cover: convenient grab edge smooth delicate comfortable.

5.Easy cleaning, forming one body: integrated Design, Clean without pressure Clean without residue.

6.Soft silica gel is not easy to deformation: difficult to deformation aging seal insurance can be used for long time.

Package Included:

Pet silicone canned lid*1,spoon*1