Dragon Eye Dice Longan Dice Color Dragon Resin Crafts Crystal Home Decor Ornaments

Color : Purple
Shape : Buy 1 Free 1
Product Description
Magic Dice: Semi-Translucent dice with exotic colors and glitter inlay, with Dragon Eye staring from the biggest side. Each dice represents the symbol of each dragon you kill, Reminding you the fun of DND.
It contains the magic of the dragon, and anyone who enters your home will be trembling with insight. It is the perfect decoration for any festival. It is absolutely eye-catching and a perfect display for collectors. Representative of "Dragon Terminator".
Imitation Crystal Dice: Made from Eco-friendly poly-resin, polished and smooth, clear and easy-reading numbers. They are 100% handmade dice.
Easy to Read and Well Balanced: These stone dice have white numbers on each side, every number can be sit very well. The die is well balanced and will randomly give you a number between 1 and 20.
This dice can not only be used in a variety of chess and card games, RPG card games but also can be placed on the table as a home decoration. It is also a beautiful and surprising gift.
Each set comes with its own Black Mech Pouch and is quality tested to meet Bescon's highest standards.
Warning: Small parts, Not for under 5 years old.