Duckieville Duck👿

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Color : Satan Duck

👿Deep within the labyrinthine passages of Darkiville's most secretive boutique, Hell's Quack, a figure full of wonders and whispered legends sits on an onyx throne. This figure is none other than Lord Bezequak, the Satan Ducka mythical creature brought to life by resin.

His plumage is a crimson red, reminiscent of the smoldering embers of the underworld, and he proudly displays the symbol of his kingdom - a bold five-pointed star etched on his broad chest. The mark of the devil stands between his majestic horns, a testament to his infernal origins and immense power.

In Duckieville's quiet craft shop, he reigns as the unseen ruler, keeper of secrets and the ultimate prankster for those who dare venture into the duck's wild side.


  • Hand-made


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