(Early Summer Day Sale-Special Offer Now) Intelligent fish bite alarm

Style : 1pc

The smart fish bite alarm is a LED warning device for both light and sound fishing rods, which will always alert you when the fish is hooked.

All you have to do is simply turn on the alarm, wrap fishing lines, turn on the switch and wait relaxed. With the LED display, you can even fish at night.
  • Never Miss a Fish Bite: Loud sound and bright LED lights will notify you when a fish bites
  • Easy installation without additional tools
  • Reliable Sensitivity: Sensitive enough to pick up any serious bite while ignoring most sounds from current, wind or something poking your bait to reduce false alarms
  • Portable and Lightweight: No burden for fishing
  • Night Fishing: LED light alarm is ideal for night fishing
  • Tough and durable outer layer
  • No damage to fishing line and fishing rod
  • Suitable for sea fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, kayak fishing, pier fishing, etc.
  1. Attach the alarm to the fishing rod
  2. Wrap fishing line around the trigger
  3. Turn on the switch
  4. Start fishing!
  • Materials: ABS
  • Size: 55 mm x 50 mm x 15 mm
  • Power: 3 x LR44 battery