Halloween Horror Back to Soul Clown Bookmark Creative Decor Monster Resin Ornament on Bookshelf

Style : A
Size : 1PC

✿【Resin Horror Bookshelf Sculpture】A fun horror bookshelf sculpture made of resin material, perfect
for adding a decorative touch to any room.✿【Realistic Peeping Bookshelf Monster】The decorative bookends are totally stunning. The details are
incredible. The eyes are so realistic it's almost frightening. The terrifying expression and the hands
that are about to reach out, as if they are about to come out to catch you, are very shocking!✿【Desktop Decorative Statue Art】Desktop Decorative Statue. Absolutely stunning creative work!
Superb craftsmanship! Incredibly catchy! you love this! You deserve a unique treasure!✿【Exquisite 3D Personalized Bookends】Personalized bookends. The real thing is unbelievably
realistic, and the resin sculptures look better than the pictures - the workmanship is fine, the hairs are really falling off.✿【Perfect Monster Bookends Gift】Monster bookends can be the perfect gift. If you have a bookshelf,
be sure to buy it as your bookshelf decoration to liven up your bookshelves with a fun and
sophisticated vibe!

Size:About 8*4*20cm (error range 1-2cm)
Material: Resin
Weight: about 600g
Application: home, living room, office, shelf, bookshelf, table,
garden, tree, desk, halloween, party.