Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder - Attract Wild Birds To Your Garden

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🐦The Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder is probably the most fun bird feeder and the perfect gift for bird lovers.

🐦Birds sit relaxedly on the little water buckets while the Ferris wheel spins and rotates. Sometimes the Ferris wheel spins in the same direction multiple times!

🐦The bottom of the feeding buckets has a drainage hole. 

🐦You can fill it with bird feed without affecting the rotation of the Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder!


 Package Contents:
Ferris Wheel Arms *8
Ferris Wheel Bird Food Baskets *8
Ferris Wheel Stand * 1
Ferris Wheel Knob * 1

Material: Stainless

Size: 18.6in*21.6in
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