Frisbee football dog toy

Color : Pink blue

Type: Dogs

Material: Rubber

Set Type: no

Toys Type: Flying Discs

Feature: Toys for Dog

Feature 1: Interactive Frisbee Football Toys for Dog

Feature 2: Outdoor Training Dog Toys

Feature 3: Bite Resistant Toy for dog

Feature 4: Interactive training toy

Feature 5: Pet Interactive Toy

Frisbee Ball Interactive Dog Toys

Multifunctional outdoor dog toy: This is a multifunctional interactive toy for dogs. It can used as a frisbee, an interactive training ball, a chew toy, a tug of war toy. It can provide enough function to provide teeth massage for dogs, improve dogs' intelligence and interaction between owners, and relieve worries the dog have.

Rebound Frisbee Ball: The toy can be squashed from a ball to a frisbee. Throw out the toy and the frisbee will bounce back into a sphere by itself during the flight. This product is easy to throw far and high, and the flight is stable. Allowing the dog to fetch back the frisbee ball thrown by the owner can increase the dog's physical strength and make the dog healthier.

Interactive Training Ball: The owner can throw the toy with his hands, or kick it as a soccer ball and let the dog chase and fetch it. It also can be used as a water interactive toy when the dog is swimming outdoors. The owner and the dog each hold one end of the nylon braided rope, which can be used as a tug of war toy. It can not only enhance the tacit understanding between the owner and the dog, but also improve the dog's physical fitness.

Chew Rope Toy: There are many cotton dog chew ropes around the toy, which can stimulate the dog's interest in the herding ball.

Environmental Material: This product is made of environmental friendly material, which is quite safe for dogs. Frequent use of this frisbee ball can reduce dog's daily anxiety and improve their intelligence