Jumping Shrimp Plush USB Charging Lobster Pet Toy



1. Realistic simulation of animal fur. long hair carving printed velvet soft cloth cover super soft feel.

2. Usb rechargeable design. large capacity battery can be used for a long time. a charge is expected to be up to 200 beats.

3. The cloth cover can be washed and replaced. It is recommended to clean the cloth cover regularly and replace it regularly.

4. The lobster shape design comes from the nature of cats which can attract the attention of cats.

5. It can accompany cats to spend the boring time when the owners are not at home.

6. Toys can let cats do some exercise which is beneficial for their health. and it can ease cats’ unhappy mood and release the pressure.

Package Included: 1*Plush lobster cover. 1*motor core. 1*USB charging cable

Product details

Jumping Shrimp Product Description:

Product name: Pet Jumping Shrimp Toy

Product weight: 105g

Charging mode: USB charging

Rechargeable battery: polymer lithium battery

Charging voltage: 5V

Battery capacity: 300mAh

Product size: 26*14*7cm(10.24*5.51*2.76in)


Three tail swing modes

Can add catnip

USB rechargeable design

Velvet soft cloth cover

Cloth cover can be washed