M10/M14 Angle Grinder Converter Oscillating Tool

Color : A for M10

1.Multifunctions: With this modification tool set, you can use your angle grinder with this set to finish making square openings in the wood, cutting wood, shoveling nails and other works, which is convenient.
2.Better Experience: The upper part of the he-ad has a protective cover design, so there is no need to worry about sawdust or iron nails flying around during use, giving you a better experience.
3.Easy to install: First, you need to installed the heads of the accessories on the angle grinder. After installing
the eccentric shaft, it is only necessary to install the accessories such as the sawblade and then tighten the screws to finish it.
4.Two Types: Two types for you to choose: M10/M14.
5.Please note: not suitable for angle grinders with 5/8”-11 UNC thread.

Material: aluminum + plastic + iron
Color: as shown

M14 suitable for 110/125/150mm Angle Grinder
M10 suitable for 100mm Angle Grinder