Magnetic wristband

Color : orange

SUPER STRONG MAGNETS - 9 neodymium magnets that hold strongly to your metal parts and can easily hold small tools such as pliers, cutters and wire crimper. you can move and shake your hand and nothing will fall

✔️ WRIST SUPPORT DESIGN – Highly comfortable and adjustable, helps to secure your wrist during hard work and much simpler and easier to dress it on with the thumb loop

✔️ HOLD IN PLACE - This new and original design prevents rotation of the strap and prevents it from sliding up and down your arm. Once you've placed your staff on the magnets they will stay in place without having to adjust it all the time

✔️ BREATHABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Main material is a perforated neoprene fabric, comfortable and flexible, hypoallergenic, excellent for wrist support. perforated texture allows for your skin to breath, weight only 1.85 OZ

✔️ PERFECT GIFT - Your love once will love it, ideal for Father’s Day or Birthday of your handyman or father, Your boyfriend also will love it

*1. Magnetic tool holder: 9 neodymium magnets help you easily hold small tools such as screws, nails, drills, pliers, knives and more. This tool holder is super strong, you can move and hold your hand and nothing will fall off.
*2. Wrist support design: This magnetic wrist strap is comfortable and adjustable. It comes with a thumb ring design to help protect your wrist when you are working hard.
*3. Excellent gift: It is the perfect Father's Day or birthday gift for your father or boyfriend.
*4. Secured in place: the innovative design prevents the strap from spinning and sliding up and down. Once you place the items on the magnet, they stay in place and do not need to be adjusted all the time.
*5. Breathable and lightweight: Lightweight. The main material of this magnetic wristband is perforated neoprene fabric, which is comfortable, flexible and low*, making it ideal for wrist support. The perforated texture ensures that your skin breathes and is super comfortable to wear.
*1. Material: oxford fabric
*2. Size: 10*46cm
*3. Colour: orange, blue, yellow
Package includes.1 x magnetic wrist strap