Multifun ctional Manual Sharpener Angle Fixer

Color : Blue

DIY Supplies: Woodworking

Type: Abrasive Pad

★ Mainly used for wide blades such as woodworking knives and woodworking chisels. Carbon steel pulley design with built-in bearings for quick sharpening angle setting for chisels, flat shovels, planing knives, etc.

Adjust the grinding angle by adjusting the length of the gripping object

Main Features

✦Carbon Steel Clamping Block
Carbon steel clamping block for stable clamping

✦Boost Wheel Design
Flexible rotation, wear-resistant and not easy to damage, save time and effort

✦Thicker Screw
Thicker carbon steel main screw, deeper thread, more solid, and no slippage

✦Wide Application
Can be used for sharpening carving knives, planer knives, chisel knives, hobby knives, spatula knives, cutting knives, etc. More uses are waiting for you to find .....

Specific Description

  • Robust & Durable Construction

It is made from high-quality carbon steel. Totally coated with anti-rust paint, not easy to rust, lasting, and durable.

  • Excellent Compatibility

You can adjust the clamping width by rotating the Screw-Cap. The sharpening guide fits chisels from 1/8" to 1-7/8" in width, and plane irons from 1-3/8" to 3-1/8" in width. Includes flat jaws for clamping mortise chisels, and grooved jaws for clamping paring chisels and planer blades.

  • Novel Design

The design of replacing the ordinary steel wheel with a bearing wheel, using more smoothly. The honing guide can precisely sharpen the edge for your tools due to the working face was carefully processed.

  • Precisely Setting Angle

Sharpening angles can be accurate to set using a sharpening jig by adjusting the tool projection. If the chisel projection 30mm for 30° and 40mm for 25° angles, the plane iron projection 38mm for 30° and 50mm for 25° angles.


① Turn the Screw-cap, clamp your chisel or other knife tools, move up and down to adjust the angle. And also notice the measurement.

② Then tighten the screw-cap, the blade edge is smoothly fitted to the whetstone or sharpening stones, slide the knife back and forth to bring your tools back to razor sharping.


Material:carbon steel

Product weight:196g

Package content:Fixed Angle Auxiliary Tool×1


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.