Multifunction Windshield Repair Agent


Stop spending silly money to repair windshield damage!

Crackflix applies advanced resin formula which performs deep penetration to easily, evenly fill into any glass crack for FLAWLESS CRACK REPAIR RESULT without invisible mark. Easiest application ever - Just apply the agent without using extra tool. Restore windshield from cracked, chipped look to pristine condition IN JUST MINUTES.

Suitable for all kinds of glass restoration, including car glass, window glass, glasses, mobile phone screens, etc.

Effectively repairs different glass damages including long/short crack, small chip, bulls-eye, spider web, star burst, half-moon, angle wing and even round damage. 

Not only repair existing cracks, it forms a clear protective coating to prevent potential crack formation, offering an invisible protection on your windshields.


  • Repair in Minutes!
    Effectively repairs all glass damages including long/short crack, small chip, bulls-eye, spider web, star burst, half-moon, angle wing and even round damage. Also provides a transparent protective coating to prevent future crack formation.

  • Advanced Resin Formula
    Our crystal clear resin allows deep penetration to easily, evenly fill into any glass crack. Invisibly removes cracks to achieve best repair result.

  • Easy to Apply
    Just apply the agent and let it completely fill the crack and dry under sunlightNo extra tool is required.

  • Wide Applications
    Widely used for any laminated windshield. Also ideal to repair any glass furniture/ item including smartphones, windows, mirrors, dining tables, tablets, etc.
  • 1 Agent for Many Repairs
    Only requires to apply a few agents for each crack. This resin allows you to perform up to 100 repairs!


  1. Clean the cracked surface.
  2. Trim the film according to the length of crack and stick it on the crack slightly.
  3. Fill the solution into the crack. Use scraper to remove bubbles when necessary.
  4. Let it dry under sunlight. Wait 10-20 minutes for complete dry.


  • Net Content: 2ml