Self-excited Collar Neck Cat Toy




1.This toy is made of environment-friendly and healthy ABS. It is strong and durable and won't be damaged by cats. It is easy to use and can be used for a long time. Because this product will strongly attract the cat to play to be fun, so it is recommended that the cat play for 20-30 minutes each time, too long time of play will be a lot of overdraft of the cat's physical strength.

2.This product is a head drum type I cat toy that can be used to play with the flavor. The product is fixed in the wave lock part of the head of the microphone by deep force stick. The feather on the top of the product is irregularly lapped by high and yellow sex in the activity, attracting the attention of the knitting flavor.

3.Through the cat head/neck activities, drive the high elastic spring cycle irregular swing, so that the top of the product feather movement, to attract the cat's attention, let the cat to the feather to bite, chase and other activities, increase the amount of activity of the cat, enhance the cat's physical fitness, improve the cat's intelligence.

4.This product can be installed on the top of the shoe, is also a pet interactive foot cat stick. In the process of interaction with the owner, it can increase the intimacy between the owner and the cat, and also free the owner's hands so that the owner can play with the cat and relax.

Package Included:

Body *1, Stretch *1, Combination Spring *1, Cat Feather *1