Portable Quick Glass Cutting Kit

Pieces : 1 set


- Made of aluminum alloy and plastic material, anti-rust, long service life and durable
- Carbide tip, high hardness, sharpness, durability and high efficiency
- Knob handle design, more convenient to use, easy to open glass or tile.

Length: as shown

The package includes:

[All-in-one] Boundary opener set (with accessories above)
/SetHandshake + Bottle Opener (above)
/handshake+2 oil bottles
/Handshake + 2 cutter heads + 2 oil bottles
/ opener + 3 spare pads

- Use suggestions:
1. The force must be uniform and strong when cutting, otherwise it will affect the integrity of the glass or tile.
2. Please use auxiliary rulers such as steel ruler and ceramic tile when cutting. and many more.