Nordic Golden Ginkgo Leaf Ornaments Wrought Iron Exquisite Home Decor Creative Metal Crafts Wooden Base Imitation Plant Ornament

Shape : A


  • Ginkgo biloba leaves are curved and symmetrical on both sides of the leaf surface. The shape of the leaves means beauty and is a blessing of happiness.

  • Golden ginkgo leaf ornaments, simple and generous, add a piece of art to the home

  • The simple lines are just right, and the simple colors fully show the aesthetics of romantic life, which is especially fascinating.

  • Style life Starting from the home, a Nordic Golden Ginkgo Leaf Ornaments embodies the sense of luxury and satisfies the aesthetic design.

  • Natural wooden base, fresh, natural and elegant.

  • Nordic Creative Metal Crafts is known for its simplicity, a kind of return to nature and advocating authentic charm.

  • The beauty of the times and the outstanding temperament, simple and pleasant Nordic atmosphere.

  • The vivid ginkgo leaf shape, the innocence of nature is just right, and the beautiful moments belong to nature.

  • Make every product with ingenuity.

  • Exquisite craftsmanship, vivid modeling, clear and smooth texture.


- Name: Nordic Golden Ginkgo Leaf Ornaments

- Model: Exquisite Home Decor

- Material: wrought iron

- Color: golden

- Style: Ginkgo biloba

- Category: Creative Metal Crafts Imitation Plant Ornament

- Base category: Wooden Base

- Process: Baking paint

- Hanging form: home decoration desktop ornaments

- Decorative pattern: Ginkgo biloba

- Size: as shown

- Scene: living room, bedroom, entrance, etc.

Package list

-1 * Nordic Golden Ginkgo Leaf Ornaments