One Finger Safety Cutter-Finger Safety Cutter

Pack : 2 pcs

The World's first one-finger safety cutter?Use it for everything from opening parcels and mailer bags, to cutting out coupons or even wrapping presents.

Safety Cutters in Yellow?Safe blade profile means?accidental injury is next to impossible.?Special ceramic blade?that is?safer?than knives or scissors.

Comfortably fits on any finger

Open plastic packets of food in the kitchen.?Open?shrink wrapped, cellophane wrapped and other plastic packed?items from around the house. Cut out?vouchers and news clippings. Open?envelopes. Cut open?parcels. Cut?sticky tape and wrapping paper.

Easy to use?for?children?or those who have?difficulty with scissors.

Finger Safety Cutter safe blade profile means accidental injury is next to impossible. This makes it not only great for everyday household use. but also a great tool for kids to use when crafting.

Finger Safety Cutter is great for opening up parcels. boxes. envelopes and hard-to-open food packaging. It’s also awesome for cutting sticky tape and wrapping paper.

Finger Safety Cutter is made of silicone rubber. which makes it easily adaptable for fingers of all sizes. The outside grooves also makefor a good grip!

WithFinger Safety Cutter. you won’t have to worry about replacing the blade since its zirconia ceramic blade is much harder and longer lasting than steel.