Outdoor mini small square stove gas stove portable folding card stove camping stove

Color : red
Describe:Our folding stove is light and small, easy to use and carry. You can put it in your camping backpack for outdoor camping.
1. Made of high-quality metal materials, rust-proof, sturdy, heat-resistant and durable.
2. This design helps to make the furnace heat distribution evenly to achieve better heating effect.
3. There are four foldable brackets, which fit all kinds of flower pots perfectly and firmly, and can be folded for easy carrying.
4. The air inlet is on the side, which is easy to inflate and easy to use.
5. Portable and light, equipped with a bag, easy to carry and store. Suitable for outdoor camping activities.
Material: zinc + copper + iron + plastic
Fuel: Butagas
Air consumption: 90g/hr
Power: about 4000BTU (only 3 minutes to boil 3.5L of water)
Size: 13cm * 13cm * 11cm
Packing list: 1 x stove
Natural gas is not included.
Notes:Please pay attention to the safety of you and your children when using this stove.