Practical cleaning tool - Pet litter scoop

Quantity : 1pc
Color : Blue

Color: Green,Blue,gray,pink

cat scoop trim: detachable cat litter

Pet Sand Shovel Cleaning: safe and non-toxic

Semi-closed Portable Cat Litter: cat cleaning tools

Useful Cat Litter Shovel: with garbage bag

Cat Sand Cleaning Products Toilet: cat litter

1.This is a set of cat cleaning tools. The plastic is durable, and the handle is not easy to break and can provide the comfortable user experience for you.
2.large space cat litter tray: removable and can be washed, equipped with cat litter shovel .
3.Detachable design: for easy cleaning and handling.
4.Raised border: prevent cat litter from splashing outside.
5.High quality materials: safe and non-toxic.