Rotating Spin Cleaner

Shape : Battery model (without battery)
Quantity : 1PC

Getting rid of dust from small spaces is difficult with brooms that are big-sized. But if not cleaned these small spaces will give a bad impression of your whole house.

Want that to happen?

Of course, not.

So get this rotating spin cleaner that makes dusting a breeze to do.

It is electrically operated to make dusting an automated chore with minimum effort. The microfiber brush bristles attract dust and efficiently clean the whole house.

What you'll get:

  • Quick cleaning: The motorized battery power of the brush makes it quick to use. You won't have to spend hours doing dusting chores, but it will be done within minutes.
  • Efficient cleaning: The 360° rotating brush head reaches every spot to be cleaned, making this dust cleaner highly efficient. The electrostatic bristles attract the least bits of dust to give everything a clean look.
  • Wide use: This rotating spin cleaner is ideal for cleaning ceiling fans, window blinds, pet hair, cobwebs, lamp, furniture, or shelves.
  • Extendable design: The detachable design of the duster makes its size adjustable. You can increase or decrease its length by installing or removing the extending rods.