Sewing Laser System Laser Light with Accurate Alignment Sticker

Type : US PLUG Dot


-Rechargeable Laser System is perfect for sewing, quilting, embroidery, and crafting projects with its repositionable neck.

-Find your exact starting point, create straight lines without a guide, or center your designs with the help of this laser;

-It can be used for a variety of projects.

-The red laser is excellent for light-colored fabrics.

-It provides a precise sewing guide without marking on your material.

-It is the least expensive option, perfect for your first laser experience.

-Included are the easily interchangeable dot, line, and crosshair lenses.

-Bending the hose, the direction can be adjusted 360 degrees, and the light can be flexibly controlled to the place where it is needed.

Powerful magnet, built-in anti-skid ring, can be adsorbed on iron materials, strong adsorption force, stable and safe.



Product: Garment cutting positioning lamp

Spot shape: cross, line, dot

Die power: 100mW (milliwatts)

Dimensions (length * width * height): 175*60*40 (mm)


Packing:1*Red laser