Shoes Whitening Cleaner

Capacity : 30ml
Style : NO
Quantity : 1PC

30ml White Shoes Stain Polish Cleaner Gel Sneaker Whiten Cleaning Dirt Remover Set For Sneaker Remove Yellow Edge Cleaning Tool

Bullet Points:

1、 [ Reliable Formula ] White Sneaker Cleaner's formula is gentle and won't hurt your shoes, the traditional way of brushing shoes can easily damage the upper, leading to problems such as the upper falling off, degumming, and pilling, turns "dirty" shoes into "white" shoes when used.
2、 [ By Exchange Reaction with Stains ] Sneaker Cleaner is essentially restoring its true color, restores whiteness by exchange reaction with stains, unlike other products that whiten shoes by covering.
3、 [ Removes Stains Quickly ] White Shoe Cleaner removes dirt and stains quickly and easily, an effective way to keep your white sneakers bright, can be used for cleaning, whitening, maintenance, removing shoe edges, patent leather scratches.
4、 [ Easy Using ] Shoe Whitener can be used directly, very convenient using, no need to adjust the scale yourself, easy to use, spreads evenly, non-stick.
5、 [ Wide Application ] Shoe Cleaner can be used for various sports shoes etc., also suitable for leather bags, belts, leather watch straps, etc., suitable for patent leather shoes, leather shoes, etc..
The Sneaker Shoe Cleaner is very convenient to use, whether it is sneakers or leather shoes. Easy to use and removes stains quickly and effectively.

1. Mild formula.
2. Quickly remove dirt.
3. Easy to use.
Capacity: 30ml
Packing List:
1*White Shoe Cleaner
or 1 set* White Shoe Cleaner