Smart Interactive Cat Toy

Quantity : 1PC
Color : Blue

Toys Type: Balls
Type: cats
Smart Interactive Ball Cat toy self-hey anti-boring artifact, funny cat stick catnip resistant to biting and calling ball Toy
The interactive smart toy that keeps cats entertained
Balls simulate frog, cricket and bird sounds
Smart tap triggers sounds while playing
Choose smooth EVA or fuzzy wool
Include catnip
50mm/1.97in balls simulate either a frog, cricket or bird
Touch the blue ball for the frog to croak or the yellow one to hear the cricket's chirp. The pink option gives a musical bird tweet
Smart tap trigger with built-in high sensitivity siren
When the pet touches the toy, the sounds encourage interactive play.
Use and Care
To add catnip, open the lid, pour in some and close the lid tightly.
Toy Type: Interactive Pet Toy
Product Type: Cat Toy
Main Users: Cats/Puppy
Features: When the cat touches the interactive toy, it makes a realistic animal sound. Catnip can also be added to play.
Colors/Sounds Available: Blue/Frog, Yellow/Cricket, Pink/Bird
Diameter: 50mm/1.97in