Snail Snuffle Treat Dog Puzzle Toy

Color : As show

There’s never been a better toy to get for all of those who have dogs that just have to be in the middle of everything. This is going to be exceptionally entertaining and will offer a great puzzle at the same time. Made of fleece fabric with double-layer on the back, this is great for chewing and gnawing. It has lots of padding in it to give your dog lots of depth. With small and carefully placed holes for treats, you can make this a great puzzle toy that is going to offer your dog lots of stimulation.

  • Fun dual purpose toy for chewing and for IQ testing when you want it
  • Designed for easy hiding of treats that take time and effort for your dog
  • Snail body rolls up with hook and loop fasteners
  • Squeaker inside to get your dog’s attention
  • Cute toy for those that want to have adorable photos
  • Machine washable

Every dog playing style is different, no dog toy is indestructible. It’s best to keep a close watch on your fur friend for ruff playing. Any pieces begin to break off, remove the dog toy from playtime by keeping your pup safe.