Soldering Iron Wire Set

Type : 50g/0.6mm
  • The most important thing in welding work is of course safety and efficiency!
  • The lead-free iron tips are of good quality and the wire has a high insulation resistance and is available in four sizes to suit your needs.

Main Features

  • ⏯ Rapid Heat-Up
    Lead-free soldering iron head quickly heating up the surface, the layer of heat transfer fast life long. Ceramic heating core, fast heating, good quality, not easy to break.
  • The soldering iron on the tin fast, under the tin smooth, strong work performance.
  • ⏯ Excellent Welding Results
    Bright and full weld joints, no dummy welds and other undesirable phenomena; good welding performance, greatly reducing welding time
  • ⏯ High-Quality Welding Wire
  • Universal soldering wire is not just for soldering on copper, it is suitable for all kinds of components.
  • Universal welding wire with a low corrosive melting point, fast welding speed, reduce the thermal impact of welding on components; less residue after welding, high insulation impedance, excellent electrical energy.
Package Contents:
Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Wire Set
1. Due to the light difference, the color may be slightly different.
2. Please allow slight differences due to manual measurement.