Tile Leveling Tools

Style : 1set(4pcs)

This Combination of Professionally Adjusted Tile Tools Increases the Efficiency of Tile Laying, Ensures Flatness Between Tiles and Avoids Inequalities.



  • Reduces Installer Fatigue/ress.
  • Reduce the Need for Grinding and Polishing.
  • Wear-resistance,reusable and Durable to Use.
  • Keep the Balance of the Tiles in the Same Horizontal Position.
  • Useful for Preventing Tiles from Moving During the Curing Process.
  • Perfect for Making Tile Laying Speed Faster and Improving Working Efficiency.


  • Insert the T-pin Along the Crack (between 2 to 6mm) , then Rotate It 90 Degrees.
  • Clamp the T-pin at the Bottom of the Two Bricks.
  • Tighten the Adjusting Cover So That the Two Bricks Are in the Same Level.
  • Wait About 4-5 Hours After Leveling.
  • Before the Cement or Tile Glue Has Completely Dried Up (usually No More Than 6 Hours). Rotate the Adjustment Cover Counterclockwise, Rotate the T-type Leveler 90 Degrees to Make It Parallel to the Tile Gap, and Taken Out.
  • Remove the Leveler,clean and Dry Storage for Reuse.


  • When Tightening, It is Best to Rotate the T-needle Back and Forth a Few Turns to Make the Sorrounding Cement Reserve Some Space So That the Tile Leveling Set Can Be Easier Removed.
  • Before the Cement or Tile Glue Has Completely Dried Up (usually No More Than 6 Hours), Tighten the Adjusting Cover in the Opposite Direction, then Rotate the T-pin 90 Degrees So That the T-pin Turns to a Zigzag Parallel to the Tile.
  • The Tile Leveler is Suitable for Tile Gap Between 2mm to 6mm and Tile Thickness of 3mm to 17mm.


  • Product Material: Thickened Pp Plastic + Manganese Steel
  • Suitable for Tile Thickness: 5-16mm/0.2-0.63inch
  • Suitable for Tile Joints: 1. 5mm/0.06inch and Above 1.5mm/0.06inch