Toe Pedicure Knife Kit Foot Callus Rasp Files Dead Skin Remover Scraper Foot

Color : Silver


-This foot scraper is made of stainless steel material, which is sturdy and durable, you can use it easily because it is convenient for you to wash.
-This foot scraper could remove the dead skin and callus easily, and it will not scratch your skin, you can use it without worries.
-This scarper is designed with a handle that is comfortable for you to hold, and it can save strength for you when operating.
-You should soak your foot before scraping to remove the dead skin better, making you feel comfortable and relaxed.
-This kind of foot scraper is suit for home and professional foot care shop, giving you a comfortable enjoyment.


Material: stainless steel.
Color: show as pictures.


-Direct dry rubbing effect is good, if the feet have calluses or cracks, first soak the feet to soften cutin and dead skin (it is recommended to use warm water for 5-10 minutes).
-Rub back and forth or rub in circles to remove dead skin (avoid using too hard).