Vertical Hanging Growing Bag

Color : 9 Pockets/Green



Got little or no space around your home for growing plants? Ditch the traditional way with these space-saving garden wall panels. These trendy vertical gardens are professionally made & are very impressive. Anyone can now bring a vertical garden home! 


Our Vertical Hanging Growing Bag wows you with the below feaures:

✔️ Build your own little greenery indoors or outdoors

✔️ No fancy garden tools needed

✔️ Save tons of space!

✔️ Add life, beauty & a unique touch to your home

✔️ Eco-friendly, live the green life!

✔️ Guaranteed homeowners LOVE IT!




Simply hang GreenGarden on the wall, stack your plants & you're good to go!

✅ Fits several plants into one space

✅ Maximizing space & greenery

✅ Make watering plants easier

✅ A year-round supply of greens to your home!


Make fresh greens and herbs available, all throughout the year!

Wall-mounted Pocket Panels

These vertical hanging wall planter gives you room to grow plants in a small space, apartment or a limited outdoor area!

Decorate Your Space

Finally! A perfect hanging planter for plants that not just turns any unused or plain area into a vibrant and lush vertical garden but also makes your space look stunning like never before!

Made of Eco-friendly materials non-toxic materials, safe and long-term use. Experience planting pleasure and receive good harvest

Convenient & Easy to use

Excess water will automatically drain through felt material. Soft felt, lightweight design for easy hanging and movement.

Superior design for home gardening

Simply utilize multiple vertical garden planters to create your vertical wall garden or living wall indoors or outdoors.

Suitable for a variety of plants

Each planting bags have flat pockets, grow any variety of herbs, perennials, succulents, houseplants or vegetables in just a single area at home!

Premium quality reusable felt material

Water-Retaining Felt material creates perfect soil conditions, which makes it perfect for either indoor and outdoor. Non-toxic, biodegradable, anti-corrosion and durable




The ✔️smart, ✔️green & ✔️glamorous way to decorate your balcony or garden walls



Pockets QuantityOverall Pockets SizeSmall Pocket SizePlanting Type
919.69 in x 19.69 in 5.91 in x 5.91 inCan be placed in 9 flower pots


39.37 in x 19.69 in5.91 in x 5.91 inCan be placed in 18flower pots
3639.37 in x 39.37 in6.30 in x 6.30 inCan be placed in 36 flower pots
6439.37 in x 39.37 in4.72 in x 4.72 inCan be placed in 64 flower pots
7239.37 in x 39.37 in4.33 in x 4.33 in Can hold 72 flower pot with a diameter of 90