Watch strap adjuster

Style : Buy 1 get 1 free
Color : Blue

Suitable for watch strap adjusters of different sizes.Rugged and practical, light and portable, necessary for adjusting the watch.


  • Durable material: The strap repair tool is made of PP and steel materials, suitable for repairing all kinds of watches, sturdy and durable.

  • Easy to operate: The watch chain link disassembly kit is designed with a circular adjustable platform, which can accurately fix watchbands of different thicknesses. You can rotate the circular platform and adjust the height so that the belt is parallel to the punching needle, and then rotate the side wheel to push the hole Needle, stretch belt lock.

  • Suitable for straps of different sizes: This watch chain link removal tool is very suitable for removing and inserting spring straps, and is suitable for repairing straps of different sizes.

  • Save time: You can use this strap repair kit to adjust the size of the strap yourself without having to go to the jewelry store to repair it. This watch chain removal kit is convenient and efficient, and you can also use it to disconnect and reconnect your watch.