Water Dispenser For Cats Automatic Water Sensor For Dogs Fountain With Filter

Shape : No Smart
Volume : US Plug


-Two modes of water flow

Two kinds of water supply modes and an optional intelligent sensing mode. PET will automatically start when it is near the possibility of drinking water, and will automatically stand after care, making it quieter and more energy-saving

-Hidden power cord design

The USB power supply is designed wirelessly. Inside is fixed the position of the power supply and wires. There are no open wires outside. He's handsome and generous, and he's not afraid of pets biting wires.

-80ml emergency water storage

A water storage tank can provide emergency water in a power outage case. Don't worry about not having water. 80 ml is enough for pets to replenish water during the day

-2L large capacity

2. 3L large capacity, enough for adult cats or dogs to use for about 10 days. The owner can travel with confidence without worrying about daily pet drinking

-Independent water storage tank

Innovative independent water storage tank, clean and sealed water storage, no need to change water often. After pets drink a small amount of water, the water storage tank automatically replenishes the water with the help of air gravity.

-Two ways to use

It can be used without connecting to a power source. The machine can be used in two ways. When the power is on, the water can flow automatically. When the power is not connected, the water can be automatically recharged statically. You don't have to worry about the car being cut off when you get out.

-Detachable design, easy to install and clean