Women's Shaping Pants, High-waist Shaping Clothes

Size : M
Color : Apricot

1. Do you dress badly because you are obese? Do you know of any body shapers that can help you lose weight? Our waist trainer can scientifically and effectively shape the body to the ideal shape.
2. 1 second easy tummy tightening. Front row compression, double layer tightening and compression, multi-row buckle adjustable, effectively tightens the abdomen.
3. The compression design of the two memory alloy steel bones at the front and back helps to tighten the abdomen, shape an attractive waistline, effectively prevent curling and easily gather the flab around the waist.
4. Double-layer abdominal design with strong abdominal tightening effect. Helps postnatal body recovery. High waist design, the length reaches the lower chest, tightening the abdomen and lifting the buttocks at the same time.
5. Open design at the lower back, easy to solve the toilet problem. More convenient for ladies. Tucks in your tummy and hips for a great figure.

1 x High-waist Shaping Clothes