Wood Frog Guiro Rasp Percussion

Size : 6CM(2PCS)


It is a symbol of good luck and wealth in Thailand!

Great for home and office decor!

Carefully handcrafted by artisans in northern Thailand villages!

Instructions for use: Use a wooden stick (included) to gently rake the frog back to create a lower pitched cricket chirp. Or lightly tap the frog's nose with the butt end of the striker for a resonant note that acts as a wood tone block. Store the firing pin in the frog's mouth.

Different frogs have different sounds. when played correctly. It's also a low-range pitch that acts as a wood tone block.

【Creates Original "Animal" Sound】:Carved from a solid piece of wood for best sound and excellent workmanship for vivid frog shape.
【A Unique Percussion Clave】:Use the wood stick to gently rake up the frogs back to create a lower-pitch like a realistic frog croaking sound.
【Educational instrument】:Our Wood Frog Guiro is easy to play, perfect choice for kids. Instead of obessing over computer games, Your little one will definitely immerse himself in this attractive wood frog's unique and fascinating sound. Very helpful to intrigue kids' curiosity about percussion and other music instruments.
【Vivid Frog Shape】:It will be a good decoration for your desk in-home or office, an ideal gift for friends or colleagues.

Package Included:

  • Includes 1 wood frog a wooden bar 
  • A wooden bar
  • Carved from solid wood for the best sound quality